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Read the following piece of reading carefully, and be ready to answer the questions below.

Popular Music

It all started with jazz. Jazz was born in the U.S.A., in about 1900. It was the music of the poor black people of New Orleans; but several kinds of jazz, including swing, blues, be bop and free jazz, became popular all over the U.S.A., and in Europe, too.

In 1954, two black blues musicians, Fats Domino and Little Richard, began to sing in a new style – simple, energetic and good for dancing! Soon, white musicians like Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry began to sing in the new style. They called it Rock’n’Roll.

Rock’n’Roll was a new kind of music and it appealed to a new kind of person – the teenagers. In the 1950s, for the first time, millions of young Americans had enough money to buy records, and enough freedom to go to concerts. They wanted a culture of their own, and Rock´n´Roll gave it to them. Elvis was the first great rock star, since then teenagers’ greatest heroes have nearly always been musicians.

Only one year after Elvis’s first record, four boys from Liverpool formed The Beatles. In 1962, after six years of hard work, they became international stars. Their style was called pop music (“pop” meaning “popular”).

Michael Jackson was born in 1958. When he was young, he sang with his four brothers in a group called the Jackson Five. Michael was famous before he was ten! He worked with his brothers for twenty years. But he became more and more independent of them as his style changed. He realized that in the1980s what people wanted was a spectacular performance, on video or in concerts. And he gave it to them.

Madonna and Prince are also famous for their spectacular performances, and they’re both about the same age as Michael. You don’t have to be young to be a superstar!

Taken from: TOP 3 by PH Dominique and B Lacoste.

From the text, say:

-Where has the most popular music in the world come from?

-What are the styles of music mentioned in the reading?

-Was jazz the music of the poor black people of New Orleans?

-What are the different kinds of jazz?

-What adjectives are used to describe Rock´n´Roll?

-Did teenagers buy records and go to concerts at that time? Why?

-Who was the first great rock star?

-Who invented pop music?

-Who else became famous in the 1980s?

-What did people want in the 1980s?

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