agree 2Topic 2: Do you agree? agree 1

As you do the following exercises and activities you will practice some English language functions by:

$1· Agreeing and disagreeing

$1· Giving personal opinion


Breaking the ice

So, to start it is important to analyze that sometimes we do or say things we consider  are good, but not always people share the same opinion. Then, agreements and disagreements appear.



I. Work in groups and share opinions with your friends. Are the following good manners? Will you do the same if someone behaves as described, for example:

1· If Monica doesn’t stop asking me for answers, I’ll scream.

2· If Jason chews gum in the classroom with his mouth open, I’ll move to another seat.

3. Say if you are in agreement or in disagreement with the opinions given by your friends.


3. Below are situations that might make you want to give your personal opinions about. If you definitely would not want to do it, say why.

--a) Your friend doesn’t want to talk with you.

--b) Your parents yell at you.

--c) You have been caught cheating on a test.

--d) A classmate is teasing you and is hurting your feelings.

--e) You are dissatisfied with a birthday present, but the person who gave it to you really hoped you’d like it.

4. Complete the following phrases by adding a word from the box, then; complete the sentences in any suitable way. (Ex. 85 Tabloid)

--a) I _________________ believe that...

--b) I’m _______________ that...

--c) Do you _____________ that...?

--d) To my _____________, this is a good idea, but...

--e) I’m _____________ to think that...


consider mind strongly

convinced inclined








Reflecting on Language

We can express our opinions in a conference, in a formal meeting, in a business negotiation or in an informal situation. We use different expressions to express our opinions. They go in a scale from strongly to weakly.

Strongly I’m convinced that...

I’m sure that...

I strongly believe that...

I certainly/definitely think that...

I really think that...

In my opinion...

Neutrally I think/consider/feel that...

I believe that...

As I see it...

From my point of view...

Weakly I am inclined to think that...

Communication Tips



Agreeing with someone
Agreeing to something
Ag agreement
I totally agree with you
I totally accept that
I fully agree
I completely agree
I am in total agreement with you
I am in favor of that
Pa partial aaagreement
Up to a point/to a certain extent
Up to a point/to a certain extent
I agree with you but...
I’d accept that but...

That may be so but...
(I am afraid) I can’t agree with you

I don’t agree
(I am afraid) I can’t accept that

I don’t accept that


5. Complete the following sentences: (Ex. 86 Tabloid)
--11. I can’t ___________ that. It is quite untrue.

--2. I agree __________ to a certain point.
--13. You are mainly right ___________ I’m not sure about the last part of your argument.
--14. I’m sorry. I disagree ____________ you. It is not the way you said it.
--15. I _____________ your basic argument but I can’t __________ with you on the details

--6. When discussing your point of view people may or may not agree with you. Say agree or disagree according to the sentence. Give your personal opinion about the one(s) you are in disagreement.

-1· Lula Manzanares is one of the best Cuban singers nowadays.

-1· Canada is a cosmopolitan country.

-1· Cubans are sociable and hardworking.

-1· Children’s rights are recognized all over the world.

-1· Samba is the national dance of Brazil.

--7. Draw a line between the elements on the left and the corresponding on the right


-- Kan was elected the best student in the school.

  $1· I completely agree
--1· All that glitters is not gold. (a proverb)
  $1· I accept that, but...
--1· Students should study hard for being better each day.
  $1· I can’t accept that
--1· The early bird catches the worm.
  $1· I don’t agree
--1· Men are more intelligent that women.
  $1· To a certain extent


 8. Get into groups according to your favorite color. Read what psychologists say about it.

 1· Blue: prefer a calm and quite life style

 1· Green: are stable and balanced

 1· Yellow: are very imaginative and interested in modern things of the future

 1· Red: are outgoing and like to be busy all the time

 1· Purple: feel that they are different from other people

 1· Brown: are steady and reliable

 1· Black: are not satisfied with things as they are

 1· Gray: prefer to stay by themselves and not become involved with the problems of the world

 a) Does your group agree or disagree with the description?

 b) Together, write five sentences saying why.


We agree because all of us are very active.

 11. ______________________________________________________

 12. ______________________________________________________

 13. ______________________________________________________

 14. ______________________________________________________

 15. ______________________________________________________


9. Read what some college students have to say about reading. Do you agree with them. Give reasons. Discuss your opinions with the group.


1. “Obviously everything you find in a book youcan learn from TV and the movies, so reading books is a waste of time.”

2. “The Internet and electronic books could potentially lead to the end of printed books as we know them.”


 10. Project work: The Ten Tops

In your opinion, what are the ten best songs of all time?

 a. Make your own list.

  1. Share it with the other members of your team.
  2. Make a list that you all agree on.
  3. Prepare an album with the songs, photos of the composers or singers or any other information you can find.
  4. Present your list, giving reasons for your choice.



Preparation for the task


 11.Read these two different points of view about clothing. Which one do you agree with more?


“The clothes we wear are the first image we offer. Sloppy or flashy clothing, the wrong colors, or the wrong combination can project a negative image to the outside world. I've noticed that people treat me differently depending on how I dress.”



“The best clothes are the most comfortable ones. I don’t try to look unique or unusual. I just want to be myself. What's important is not the image we project at first glance. Anyone with money can buy a stunning suit or an elegant dress, so what can clothes really show?”


$112.In small groups discuss these questions:


$11. Do you think it's fair for people to judge you by the way you dress?

$12. Do you judge others by the way they dress?

$13. Would you want to be friends with someone who had very different ideas about clothing from your own? Would you change the way you dress to please someone else?

$14. How has your approach to clothing changed over the years?



13. Look at these headlines. Which headline best reflects your opinion about fashion? Why? Share your ideas with a partner.

( Presentar las oraciones siguientes como recortes )

Why look like everyone else? Feel comfortable

That's all that matters

Wear the very latest fashion! Don't just get dressed.

Make a statement.

14. Use the headline you chose in the previous exercise as the basis for a thesis statement about your personal belief about fashion. Compare your ideas with a partner.

e.g. It’s important to dress in a way that makes a statement about who you are.

15. Use your thesis statement to develop composition that describes your approach to clothes.

16. Exchange compositions and answer these questions.

$11. Does the idea in the first paragraph clearly state the writer´s point of view?

$12. Do the examples given in the other paragraphs support the thesis statement and clarify the writer´s point of view?

Writing tips

Paragraph 1: Introduce it with an idea and then state your thesis.

Paragraphs 2, 3, develop and support your thesis with examples Closing paragraph: Make a final remark re-stating your position


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniforms.

$117.Individual work. Do you think students should be required to wear uniforms to school? Develop arguments for or against such a requirement.

$118.Find others who support your view and work together to defend your motion.

$119.Re-group in teams where there are supporters of the two views.

$120.Debate the issue.

$1a. A concern with fashion distracts students from their studies. It also creates social barriers for those who don´t have money for the latest fashions.

$1b. Just the same, fashion is one of the few opportunities that students have for individual expression.

Important note: Your group and your teacher may agree on other views or motions.


Cultural note

Idioms reflect the language peculiar to people or to a district, community or class. So, they are part of the idiosyncrasy of people

21. Which one Fits?

$1· Wave the flag means surrender, give up

$1· Out of whack means broken, not working

$1· Time flies means time passes quickly

$1· She twisted means she persuaded me (almost against my my arm better judgment)

$1· Take a load off means seat down and relax

$1· We work in stitches means we were laughing very hard

$122. Fill in the blank with one of the idioms above so that each sentence makes sense (there is one that is not appropriate)

$11. The army had run out of food and water. There were many wounded men, so they decided to _______________________________________________.

$12. "You look tired. Come on in and _______________. I’ll fix you a cold drink", Joan said to her friend.

$13. You must go and see that movie. It is one of the funniest we’ve seen in a long time. ________________ from the beginning to the end.

$14. "I really wasn’t in the mood to go to the beach with her today,” Pam said, but _______________, and I really had a pretty good time.

$15. ________________ and we get new experiences.

23. Self reflection

What have I learned?

Give a mark out of 10 for each:










Grammar practice


Vocabulary practice




Project work





Add other things you think are important
What the teacher might do to make the lessons better
What you should do to make the lessons better
What you should do, as a student, for progress


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